Benjamin Moore announces 2018 Color of the Year

As is probably true for many designers, color speaks loudly to me. Some colors more than others. Because there are so many colors with varying hues, shades, and intensities, it is difficult for me to claim a favorite. But red comes close.

As you are thinking about the home projects you want to take on in 2018, take a look at the inspiration Benjamin Moore provides with their pick for Color of the Year 2018, Caliente!




Three Ways to Create a Fool-Proof Color Scheme

Does the idea of creating a color scheme scare you? Maybe you doubt your ability to choose colors that complement each other… Or you’ve bungled the job in the past.

Don’t worry! I’m going to share with you three ways to put together a color scheme that will look great. Once you have decided on the basic colors to use, refer back to Choosing Paint Colors with Confidence.

If you are building a brand new house, you have a completely blank canvas and can incorporate your chosen color scheme throughout the whole space. If you are remodeling, be sure to look at the surrounding spaces and make sure the furniture, flooring, and window treatments will work with the new color scheme!

1. Pull Colors from Natural Stone

As noted in Cupboards and counters and tile, oh my!, it is generally a good idea to choose your cabinets or counter material first. Your budget determines the quality of cabinets you can afford, and each line of cabinetry has specific colors of stains and paint available.

You don’t need any special talent to find a color scheme in natural stone. If the idea of choosing colors strikes fear in your heart, this is the easiest to pull off.

Stones with Warm and Cool Tones

This stone creates many possibilities… Do you want a soothing retreat or something a little wilder? White shaker cabinets? Modern glossy purple cabinets?


Purple Accent Wall and Accessories

Do you see the warm white of the cabinets in the granite? The tile echoes the gray, cream and tan tones in the stone, while the purple accent wall salutes the purple streaks in the granite and makes them pop.


2. Let Mother Nature Inspire You

You have endless options when you find your color scheme in nature. Obsessed with the bright colors in the produce at the Farmers’ Market… Adore your dog?


Ready-Made Color Palettes from Pinterest

Pinterest provides endless options for color schemes if you’re not locally inspired.
blue gray white color palette


Doo Doo Doo, Looking Out My Back Door!

Do you have an amazing view outside your window that you want to bring inside? Find the inspiration for your color palette in your own backyard!



3. Rebuild Rome in Your Own Home

Vacations inspire us in a way nothing else can. And while we don’t normally have ruins or centuries’ old trees inside our homes, we can page homage to them with color and materials.


Have fun choosing your colors! Let inspiration plant the seed and then follow your imagination and create something beautiful.

Cupboards and counters and tile, oh my!

When homeowners first begin a remodeling project, they often feel like Dorothy when she suddenly found herself in the Land of Oz.

At first, the idea of a new space is energizing and exciting. Everyone you talk with is clamoring for your business and you become obsessed with making selections. But gradually the prospect of remodeling can become scary and panic sets in.

Stop and take a deep breath because you aren’t in Oz. Take things one step at a time. Work with both a designer and contractor to keep your project moving in the right direction.

First things first

So where do you begin? In what order should you select cabinets, tile, and counters? Maybe you have an idea how much you want to invest and a desired time-frame.

To recommend  materials in the right price range, your designer and contractor need to know how much you plan to invest in the project. Be honest and you are less likely to be disappointed. Always buy the best quality you can afford.

Choose the cabinets first, then tile and counter material. Higher-quality cabinets offer more options for material, style, and finish.


In most kitchen remodels, the cabinets are the most costly component. For the best results, select cabinets and appliances of the same quality. Choose all appliances and be certain of their dimensions, including cutout measurements for any built-ins, before ordering cabinets.

If you want stone counter tops and luxury appliances, you need well-built cabinets to support them.

If you are replacing the floor, verify with your construction team and flooring dealer that the new material can bear the weight of cabinets and appliances. Certain types of flooring must be installed around these items, not under them.

Wolf Sub-Zero Kitchen
Photo credit: Sub-Zero Wolf

This kitchen features fine cabinetry and high-end appliances. Items that won’t cost a fortune to replace (or tear up the room) provide pops of color. Neutral browns, blacks, and whites used for the big-ticket items will stand the test of time.


It will prevent many headaches if you select your cabinet style and finish before choosing tile and counter material. Especially if you want white tile and white cabinets.

Photo credit: Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

If you intend to use white for both tile and cabinets, please take the time to view the samples in all types of light and times of day, as we recommend when selecting paint in Choosing Paint Colors with Confidence.

In upscale bathrooms, fixtures and plumbing supplies are usually more expensive than cabinets, especially if you are installing anything other than a standard five-foot tub. Luxurious items, including tubs with whirlpool jets, LED lighting, and heater; steam and glass-enclosed showers with body jets and multiple heads; and high-end faucets, can easily exceed $10,000.

Hansgrohe luxury bath
Photo credit: Hansgrohe

A high-end modern bathroom, like the one shown in the photo above, requires a very large plumbing budget.

Putting it all together

When shopping for materials, be sure to bring all your samples. Arrange them on a contrasting or neural surface to ensure they complement each other. Request the largest samples you can get.

2015-07-31 15.55.20

If you do your homework and make informed decisions, you will be happier with the results. Because there really is no place like home.